AdTech and Affiliation


The Adtech and affiliation industry is vital to the Internet in many, but faces various unique legal challenges. Most law firms are not familiar with the legal aspects that Adtech and affiliate companies need to take into account for their operations, as they are too niche and specific for the industry, but the commercial law team at Porat Group have handled many of the compliance, regulatory and commercial matters that are common in the industry on a regular basis, and therefore has acquired extensive knowledge and experience that can assist Adtech and affiliation companies of all sizes with their various legal requirements.

Most of our clients within the Adtech and affiliation industry require legal services such as:

  • Drafting, reviewing and amending specialized agreements and contracts between publishers, advertisers, affiliate programs and other parties.
  • Drafting other agreements such as Privacy Policies, Non-disclosure agreements etc.
  • Consultation regarding compliance and strategic advice related to jurisdictions, technology and products in the industry.
  • Compliance monitoring and review.
  • Representation in litigation, mediation and arbitration proceedings.
  • Consultation on Intellectual Property Issues, trademarks and other related issues.

On top of these standard legal services for Adtech and affiliation companies we also offer tailor made legal solutions to companies in the industry who face more unusual or complex scenarios.

Outsourcing of Adtech or Affiliations operations to Israel

Additionally, one of our strengths is advising foreign companies who wish to outsource part of their Adtech and affiliation operations to our native Israel, where the industry is considered to be the most established and best in the world, with the specific legal and practical challenges that entails. We can be of assistance both in cases where the client wishes to outsource part of their operations to Israel, as well as in cases where the client wishes to establish a company or branch in the country, for a large scale operation.

Our clients range from startups just starting out to well established and market leading companies in the industry, but our fees always reflect our appreciation of the smaller startups and we make sure to handle all matters, big and small, in the most cost efficient way.

All new clients are entitled to an initial consultation on their needs, free of charge. Contact us to find out more about what we can do for you and your Adtech and/or affiliation business.