Class actions


If you are in the need of a lawyer for a case where the claims and rights of many individuals need to be decided in one single case, Porat Group has a team of professional and talented lawyers well equipped to handle a class action suit. Class action law suits give the average consumer and individual the ability to take on both large corporations and individuals of great wealth and advantage, levelling the field when you feel you have been wronged in some way.

By joining forces with others in the same situation, as well as with experienced class action suit lawyers your case will be given more merit, and you are more likely to get a reaction, if the defendant has not taken notice of your claim until now.

Our class action lawyers have represented both individuals and companies in class action suits, including in complex claims, and are able to get results, either in the form of decisions or class action settlements, as well as handle any appeals of the decisions and help with distributing any awards awarded to the plaintiffs.

Therefore we welcome you to contact us if you believe you have a claim for a class action law suit, in order to see how our class action attorneys can help and represent you. We are always up front about our class action attorney fees, and offer free consultations that help you decide if you have a case or not, as well as how to proceed.