Commercial and Technology

For all those already in, or looking to get involved in, the fast evolving cryptocurrency market Porat Group is experienced in assisting with, as well as advising on, all legal and commercial matters related to this exciting and growing market, as one of the first law firms in the country to realize the potential of this new technology. The crypto currencies’ ecosystem is constantly expanding, and includes a variety of players, companies and governing bodies.

This has naturally created a range of complex legal issues and dilemmas, from regulation and regulatory enforcement to compliance, corporate law, taxation issues, money laundering issues and many others, that are specific to this industry. Additionally, cryptocurrencies, as well as many aspects related to them, aren’t even properly regulated in many jurisdictions.

For this reason it is vital for cryptocurrency and blockchain companies, as well as individuals involved in this sector, to use experienced legal counsel with an understanding of not only the industry, but of the technology involved in it.

Why Porat Group?

The cryptocurrencies and blockchain team at Porat Group has the expertise and acumen to successfully guide you through this increasingly complicated world, with all the legal dilemmas it entails.

If you are looking to start a cryptocurrency related business and do not really know where to start, and what you need to do in order to reach this goal, we also provide a full range of services of guidance for just that, for this specific industry.

At Porat Group we have a thorough understanding and expertise of all existing regulatory schemes applicable for cryptocurrency related businesses. Additionally, we constantly follow all proposals to regulate cryptocurrency activities worldwide. Therefore, we are able to assist our clients with all regulatory and licensing procedures in all jurisdictions worldwide.

Porat Group also takes pride in the extensive and professional network all around the globe that we have to help us with all cryptocurrency and blockchain related matters. Our cryptocurrency lawyers also work closely with other departments within Porat Law, such as taxation experts, commercial law and business advisors, lawyers with startups as their speciality and more, in order to be able to provide a one stop shop for all our cryptocurrency client’s needs.

Some of the most sought after legal services related to the cryptocurrency industry

Among the most popular services we provide for this industry are:

  • Corporate Structuring – worldwide company formations
  • Legal and business setup, and ongoing support – Crypto Exchanges, Crypto Funds, Blockchain Technology
  • Accounts opening, wire transfers, and credit card processing.
  • Commercial agreements
  • Smart Contracts
  • Digital Assets
  • Licensing and technology agreements
  • Regulation and licensing requirements related to cryptocurrencies
  • Compliance consulting
  • Anti-money laundering consulting
  • Consulting for cryptocurrency audits
  • Privacy policies and data security policies
  • Consulting for investment deals
  • Startup legal services and consulting
  • Planning and implementing partial or full business strategies
  • Consultations for merchants looking to accept cryptocurrencies as a payment method
  • Consultations with regards to setting up cryptocurrency exchanges

However, we believe that each client has different needs and circumstances, which is why we always provide a tailor made solution for each of our clients.

Pricing for our cryptocurrency legal services

Porat Group always provides clients with a quote beforehand, and does not believe in any hidden or additional fees for our services, at any stage of the process.

Since cryptocurrencies and the blockchain are a passion for many of us working at the firm and we are committed to the industry, we also accept payment for our services in the following cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin and ETH. (If you are interested in using another altcoin as payment currency, please contact us in advance to discuss this)