Cryptocurrency Business Promotion and PR Services


The cryptocurrency and blockchain space being such a new phenomena, with even the oldest companies in the space being just a few years old, combined with a lack of understanding for the space had led to difficulties promoting and advertising cryptocurrency and blockchain businesses in many cases.

Traditional advertising solutions and media agencies, newspapers and traditional media might not accept advertising of this kind, and even in cases where it is possible to advertise a cryptocurrency/blockchain business, the advertising and PR just will not work or be at a sufficiently high level due to the fact that the media/advertising company doesn’t have a deep enough understanding for the topic and matters related to it.

At the same time, PR, advertising and media exposure is a must for any business in order for it to expand and grow, and naturally companies within the cryptocurrency/blockchain sphere are no exception due to the fact that even a cutting edge technology project or innovative and promising project needs exposure and branding. Without the specific and necessary exposure, raising the expected capital will be nearly impossible.

Some of the best ways of exposure are having a solid community, articles on both well-known websites and forums (Coindesk, Medium, Reddit) as well as in traditional outlets, knowing how to present your product for crypto investors point of view, and so on.

For this reason, a majority of cryptocurrency/blockchain businesses can highly benefit from introductory services to media, online and PR companies that either specialize in this space specifically, or alternatively are highly knowledgeable about it for other reasons.

How can Porat Group be of assistance if you find yourself in this position?

Porat Group was one of the first law firms in the world to offer cryptocurrency/blockchain specific legal services, and many of our partners and team members have a genuine personal interest in this space. Therefore our knowledge of the space and our connections with various partners within it are unparalleled.
Since we know the unique position of Porat Group clients in this space who are in need of exposure, we are happy to let these clients connect and take advantage of our exceptional industry network as well.

Before suggesting a specific type of marketing or PR activity for a client we always take the time to fully understand the business in question, as well as it’s specific challenges and needs. This enables us to suggest optimal solutions and roadmaps for each client, as different as they may be from each other.

Examples of promotional activities/PR/marketing we can help our clients achieve through our connections

  • PR;
  • Online coverage;
  • Traditional media coverage in all tiers (including high-tier, local publications and more);
  • Awards services;
  • Speaking opportunities;
  • Expert statements;
  • Educational opportunities;
  • Social media campaigns, including influencer marketing and podcasts;
  • Mergers and acquisitions of competitors/partners;
  • Marketing strategies.


If you are ready to take your cryptocurrency/blockchain business to the next level and get the coverage for it that it deserves, contact the Porat Group cryptocurrency/blockchain team to get started right away. We will work with you in order to figure out how to best build your brand according to your preferences and plans.