Curacao Online Gaming License

From being a niche, small market, online and mobile gaming is becoming an impressive industry, with its own specific rules, licenses and regulations. One jurisdiction deemed particularly attractive for online and mobile gaming since 1996 is Curacao, an island country located in the south part of the Caribbean, and one of the four parts of the Kingdom of Netherlands (the other three parts being Aruba, Sint Maarten and of course Netherlands).

Curacao is actually considered to be one of the most accessible jurisdictions for online and mobile gaming licensing in the entire world. The jurisdiction also stands out as having one of the shortest processing times of all jurisdictions, very reasonable requirements and a forthcoming regulator to deal with, as well as due to its unique one-size-fits-all license, regardless of the game type in question.

This, combined with Curacao’s cost-efficiency, makes it the ideal location in particular for startups, entrepreneurs and others taking their first step in the online gambling business.

The benefits of a Curacao Gaming License

A Curacao gaming license offers the following in accordance with our local representative:

  • Curaçao sub-License: Covers all gaming products – Classic Slots, Progressive Slots, Video Poker, Bingo, Poker, Sports Betting, Live Casino, Baccarat, Roulette etc.
  • No need to pay VAT; profit tax rate is 2%.
  • Proof of licensing label can be displayed on your website.
  • Cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, Ether etc. are permitted as payment methods for compliant operators.

Does this online gaming license have any disadvantages?

Since the fees for obtaining this license are so low and the regulator so forthcoming, the reputation of the jurisdiction is not the best. The reason is of course that most industry players are able to afford the license, so while a Curacao license is needed in order to legally operate an online gaming company, it is not a quick fix for a reputable site or company in the same way as some of the more high end jurisdictions are. Instead, all Curacao online gaming license holders are required to build up their reputation the old fashioned way; with their own hard work and by treating players and partners right.

What Porat Group can offer for those interested in a Curacao Online Gaming License

  • Professional consultation and comparison of the Curacao gaming license to other relevant licenses;
  • Liaising with the Curacao regulator;
  • Consultation with regards to licensing requirement compliance;
  • Company formation in Curacao and the EU;
  • Back Office support;
  • Connections and management of client’s payment solutions (cards processing, wires, alternative payments in cryptocurrencies);
  • Help clients connect with tech companies and platforms, as well as with traffic and leads, and strategic and operational consultation – assistance with the management of the business (through one of our partners).

Does this sound interesting?

No matter if you already know that you are interested in Curacao specifically for an online gaming license, or are just considering it, Porat Group’s regulatory experts and lawyers can help you figure out if it is the right jurisdiction for your needs or not.

Furthermore, we offer all the advice you could possibly require related to Curacao gaming and gambling legislation and all its rules. Should you decide that Curacao is indeed a suitable jurisdiction for you, Porat Group is also happy to provide you with hands on services and assistance with the entire regulatory process required for a license. This naturally includes all contacts needed with the regulator in question, as well as with other parties you may be interested in cooperating with, for example: local banks, suitable payment providers and so on.

To get your Curacao gaming licensing journey started, contact the Porat Group team for an introductory consultation today.