If you as an individual, or your company, has been harmed by false and malicious statements in some way, there are defamation laws to protect you. This is the case no matter if the libel or slander takes place online or offline, by a person you know or someone you are not previously familiar with, and what the topic is, since defamation can have very serious consequences and seriously hurt a person’s or organization’s reputation.

Dealing with defamation cases may be challenging at times since statements that may be seen as defamatory in one context may not be considered legally defamatory in other contexts and so on. The legal representation you choose for litigation related to defamation is therefore vital, and the litigation lawyers at Porat Group are an excellent choice for most clients who have been defamed, but also for those who have been accused of defamation themselves, as our law firm has experience with defamation litigation from both sides.

Furthermore, Porat Group takes on both domestic, international, personal and business defamation cases, and are familiar with online defamation issues. We can therefore assist with having libelous and negative statements and content removed from the Internet and know how to deal with this increasingly problematic source of information from a legal point of view. Our law firm also has a deep knowledge of the online industry as a whole, and is therefore able to provide personalized recommendations and representation no matter what the case is.

If you feel that a private person, a competitor, former employer, former client or employee or any other party has defamed you in any form, we can therefore go to great lengths in order to restore your good reputation and obtain the compensation you are entitled to.

Contact us for a free, non-binding and confidential consultation on your particular case and course of action and we can provide you with a more detailed explanation of the services we provide for our clients related to defamation.