Employee Incentive Programs


Various types of employee incentive programs are becoming increasingly important for employers of all sizes, but there are several common pitfalls related to these programs, as well as to implementing them within organizations, drafting contracts for them and so on. Additionally, not all law firms are equipped to handle matters related to employee incentive programs, since they are not common in all industries.

Porat Group, however, provides both case by case and ongoing consultation to a variety of companies related to their employee incentive programs, ranging from privately owned smaller businesses to multinational large corporations, startups and others.

Our counselling is suitable both for large scale agreements and arrangements as well as contracts and agreements intended for top level executives and directors, founders and other key roles in all these companies, and we can be of assistance during any stage when a company deals with employee incentive program issues.

Should a client contact us at an early state we can design entire employee incentive programs and provide recommendations related to how they should be incorporated, draft contracts and agreements related to the program and much more, but should we be consulted at a later stage, we can also play an integral part in making changes to employee incentive programs, their contracts and so on.

Other employee benefits and legal matters related to them

On top of employee incentive programs we also deal with many other types of employee benefits issues, as well as matters related to compensation for executives and can advise on how all these matters related to Labor Law, Corporate Law, Family Law and other related rules and regulations employers should be aware of.

Services we offer

Our labor lawyers have dealt with various stages of employee incentive programs both in Israel and internationally and some of the most sought after services we provide within this field are related to:

  • Share purchase plans;
  • Performance based awards, benefits and salaries;
  • Pension schemes;
  • Deferred compensation arrangements;
  • Adjustment periods;
  • Trial periods;
  • Multijurisdictional arrangements;
  • Guidance on filing, reporting and saving documentation related to the arrangements.

However, depending on the needs of the client, additional services and consultations related to these services can be provided as well.

Our law firm always offers a complimentary consultation for potential new clients where the client gets an opportunity to describe its plans and needs in detail, upon which an action plan from the law firm’s part is provided, in order for the client to understand what we can offer in terms of consultation, drafting and hands on representation, before committing to any long term obligations. As we mentioned, we also take on individual cases and agreements if needed, so ongoing fees are not always a necessity.