The Mediterranean island nation of Malta is one of the most popular and prestigious jurisdictions for gaming licenses in the world, not only because the country is a European Union member state and has been offering online gaming regulation since 2004, but also because the corporate infrastructure on the island for gaming companies in particular is outstanding – state of the art technology services, a multilingual, experienced workforce, professional service providers and more.

Therefore, it is hardly a surprise that many of the most known and established gaming companies in Europe, including publicly traded ones, hold Maltese gaming licenses, making these licenses extremely sought after among companies looking to get a cut of the extremely lucrative European gaming market as well.

Due to the strong player protection in place in Malta, many players look specifically for gaming providers with a Maltese license as well, so often, opting for a Maltese gaming license can increase business for a gaming provider, even if they currently hold another gaming license.

We recommend a gaming license in Malta for companies with a long term commitment, ready to invest in their business for a premium license, in one of the best jurisdictions available today.

Why Porat Group should be your top choice for Maltese gaming regulation services

At Porat Group we work extensively with matters related to Malta, not only within the field of gaming, but in other areas too. Malta is one of our main jurisdictions, and therefore we naturally have a good network of professionals in the country that we work with and contact in order to assist our clients get the help they need as fast as possible, in a smooth and effortless way.

Since we know that in comparison to other jurisdictions, the strict requirements in Malta often mean higher fees for gaming regulation for our client, we also put a lot of effort into making our own fees as attractive as possible, in order to enable more clients to choose this attractive jurisdictions when they regulate their operations, instead of less beneficial jurisdictions.

Furthermore, all clients are offered a free consultation and full enclosure on all costs involved beforehand, in order to avoid any complications once the process has started. So if you think a Maltese gaming license might be the best choice for your business, contact us in order to find out more about this jurisdiction, its requirements and the application process.