Gaming regulation in the UK


A gaming license from the United Kingdom is one of the most prestigious gaming licenses in the world, due to the government’s support of the industry, the high level of protection for the players, and the fact that it gives the holder legal access to various extremely lucrative European markets. Moreover, London is a major center of the online gaming market, and generally, an online gaming company cannot find a more qualified work force than in the UK.

Surprisingly enough, the fees and costs involved in UK Gaming regulation are not as high as many would think, for such a highly respected license, but the list of requirements set by the Gambling Commission in the UK is long and complicated. Once a company holds a license, it is also closely monitored and controlled, so before applying for an UK Gaming license, it is of outmost important that each gaming company doing so knows what they are getting into.

Our role should you opt for UK Gaming Regulation

Porat Group’s experienced lawyers, with many years’ experience in the online gaming industry and regulation related to it, can advise all companies interested in proceeding with UK Gaming Regulation on what the requirements are, what tax rates and compliance they can expect after being licensed and more. This will help companies interested in this option decide if it is right for them or not.

Should the company in question decide that they really do want a UK Gaming license, our lawyers are also qualified to handle all administrative tasks and contacts with authorities required during the application process. Once a UK Gaming license has been issued, clients can also enlist us for consulting services regarding renewals, compliance and more, should there be a need for it.

Contact us in order to find out more about the time frames and costs involved, should you decide to move forward with regulation in the UK. All clients have the right to a non-binding and complimentary consultation at Porat Group, before any process is started.