Gaming regulation


The gaming lawyers at Porat Group have experience and knowledge related to multiple aspects related to the online gaming industry.

However, one of the most sought-after fields we provide services for is gaming regulation and licensing for online gaming companies looking to get regulated in different jurisdictions worldwide, for which we utilize our vast multinational network of contacts in all the popular gaming jurisdictions.

What can Porat Group offer our clients?

To begin with, we review the regulatory barriers and the gaming license requirements in each applicable jurisdiction. In cases where the client is not sure of which jurisdiction might be the most suitable, we offer consultation and guidance with respect to each of the jurisdictions that might be relevant.

Due to many jurisdictions having strict rules in order to ensure rightful conduct by gaming operators (although the exact regulations vary depending on the jurisdiction), this step is very important.

Each gaming operator must understand what is expected of them, as well as if they can follow all the mandatory regulations before starting the online gaming regulation process. This ensures cost efficiency and a swift process, and lays the ground for future operations in the chosen markets.

If you want to read more about the jurisdictions we offer gaming and casino license services for, note that we have presentations here on the website for the most common and popular jurisdictions. We recommend that you look through the presentations for the jurisdictions that interest you, for a general understanding of how to obtain a gaming license in a specific jurisdiction, as well as what distinguishes that jurisdiction from others.

Once we identify the correct jurisdiction, our firm will assist and lead you through the entire licensing process, including required documentation, contacts with the relevant authorities and legislations, ongoing services according to the selected jurisdiction, etc.

Since online gambling license cost can be high for smaller gaming companies, we always keep our professional fees very reasonable and competitive.

It is worth noting that we can assist with licenses for all types of gaming, from an online poker license, to an Internet based casino license, lottery and betting licenses and so on.

After you have your online gambling license

Once our clients have successfully obtained the licenses they need, we also offer legal services for compliance monitoring, consultations on how to best follow all the gaming and casino regulations and litigation and arbitration services in case you face a gaming related law suit in the future.

Read more about these services on our general Gaming page.