Greece Broker License


Despite many hurdles and challenges, the FX/CFDs industry remains a profitable and lucrative industry for both experienced players and start-ups. 

One of the highly sought after products in the industry is the constant search for prominent jurisdictions in the EU to establish your brokerage operation. 

The EU offers a unique regulatory advantage as the offering of investment services on FX and CFDs products is regulated at EU level through the application of Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (more commonly known as “MIFID II”). The main feature of the MIFID II is called passporting, which means that once you are licensed in any of the member states of the EU, you may offer your products throughout all the 27 member states of the EU. 

But where to go in the EU?

For many years, there was a clear answer to that question – Cyprus. 

Cyprus was considered the hub and the unofficial HQ of the FX/CFDs industry in the EU.

Many still view Cyprus as an industry hub. However, one cannot disregard the fact Cyprus became saturated, with perhaps too many players for a small island to absorb. The tightening grip of the local regulator, CYSEC, is also a reason that many players feel fed up and are looking elsewhere. 

Another prominent EU destination used to be Bulgaria.  Here again, a long lasting tight scrutiny by the local regulator has led to only a handful of licenses being granted over the last few years. The recent inclusion of Bulgaria into the FATF grey list of jurisdictions under increased monitoring for deficiencies in their AML regimes is another reason to reconsider Bulgaria at this stage. 

So where to go?

The answer is Greece. 

Greece offers most of the advantages of Cyprus and Bulgaria, without their respective disadvantages. 

Greece is a recovering economy, which is constantly looking to attract foreign investment. The local workforce is highly skilled and affordable. Office rent prices are relatively attractive. The local regulator has experience regulating FX/CFDs operations, but unlike its colleagues in Cyprus and Bulgaria, does not appear to try to discourage applicants. 

The Greek market is not as saturated as Cyprus, and Greece is not listed in any gray lists. 

Your FX/CFDs operation in Greece will be structured through setting up and licensing a Greek Investment Firm (AEPEY) firm in Greece under the supervision of the Hellenic Capital Markets Commission (HCMC).

The requirements for applying and maintaining a FX/CFDs license in Greece are quite similar to those in Cyprus and Bulgaria, given that they are mandated by MIFID II. The main requirements are:

  1. Establish a local company in Greece. 
  2. Establish a local physical presence in Greece, consisting of an operational office and several mandatory functions as listed below. 
  3. Hiring of two executive directors. Both directors need to be based in Greece, carry extensive industry experience and be full time employees of the company. 
  4. Hiring a compliance officer (“CO”). CO will need to be based in Greece and be a full time employee of the company. 
  5. Hiring a head of operation / head of back office. This person will need to be based in Greece and be a full time employee of the company. 
  6. Engage with local auditors, internal auditors and risk management in Greece. These functions may be outsourced to external providers. 
  7. Meet the minimum capital requirement of 150,000 EUR at all times. 
  8. Establish corporate and segregated clients’ monies account with Greek and EU banks. 
  9. Pay the one time mandatory contribution to the Investment Guarantee Fund of 200,000 EUR. 


So whether you are a well-established brand looking for a fresh start or if you are a startup looking for a relatively friendly jurisdiction in the EU, Greece is the place for you. 

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