Immigration lawyers in Israel- Immigration and visas


As a part of our comprehensive business legal services for those already conducting business in Israel, or interested in starting operations in the country, Porat Group also offers assistance with immigration and visas when a company needs to employ staff from another jurisdiction, or transfer staff from one jurisdiction to another and wants to regulate their status in Israel.

Porat Group’s legal services related to immigration and visas minimize the need for bureaucracy and formalities on the employer’s part, and makes it possible for the employer to offer complete and convenient relocation packages to existing and potential employees.

Immigration and work visas to Israel

Since we are based in Tel Aviv, Israel, one of our specialties is of course assisting companies who need to bring staff to Israel with immigration issues and visa applications. We have successfully completed all necessary procedures for this for several clients, including some large multinational corporations and our services include applications for staff at various levels.

We also provide counselling on issues related to Aliyah to Israel, according to the Right of Return, as well as partnership visas and other solutions for individuals for whom a traditional work visa may not be the best option, such as investors and individuals currently looking for employment in Israel.

In cases where the individual is not sure what type of visa is best suited for him or her, Porat Group also offers explanations and comparisons on the different types of visas available for their particular situation, in order to help the person make an informed decision on the matter.

Our lawyers have several years’ experience of dealing with the Israeli Ministry of Interior and their department for immigration and visas, including with some of the most challenging branches within the ministry (such as the Tel Aviv branch) and speak several languages, and are therefore able to offer our services to all clients, irrespective of their nationality or place of birth.

Immigration and work visas to other countries

Due to our large-scale experience with business and legal issues in many other jurisdictions besides Israel, Porat Group can also assist with immigration and visa issues in several other jurisdictions besides Israel. Some of the most common legal issues we assist with are:

  • Investor visas;
  • Business visas;
  • Family immigration issues;
  • Tourist visa extensions; and
  • Citizenship issues

How to get started with the process

If you are currently facing an immigration or visa related issue that you think Porat Group may be able to help you with, the best way to get started is to contact us for a free consultation in order to understand the different options at hand. We will then provide you with the best suited alternatives, as well as with in depth information on why we chose those, before you make a decision regarding if you want to move forward with a visa or immigration process or not.