Porat Group provides a range of legal services, as well as advisory services, specifically for the growing, lucrative international gaming industry. For clients in the gaming, social gaming, fantasy sports, gambling and sports betting industry this is vital, since the legal challenges, as well as the opportunities in the industry are often very unique.

Our legal services related to the gaming industry include, but are not limited to:

  • Gaming regulation in a number of jurisdictions.
  • Commercial advice and consultation.
  • Consulting related to transactions and M&As in the industry.
  • Consultation and legal services for gaming startups.
  • Labor law related issues.
  • Protecting and defending intellectual property.
  • Legal and financial due diligence.
  • Corporate and tax structuring.
  • Gaming litigation.
  • Disputes with partners, affiliates, clients and others.
  • Payment solutions and banking solutions.
  • Drafting and amending contracts, agreements and other vital documents, such as terms and conditions of use and data protection guidelines.

Additionally, Porat Group has valuable industry connections in most major gaming hubs, from the UK to Malta, other European countries, the United States, several Asian countries and more, as well as solutions for the payment infrastructure that comes with running a successful gaming company. Our network consists of both regulators, local lawyers and law firms, business consultants, financers and others, and all our clients can benefit from the business opportunities the network entails.

Knowing that many of our clients are active not within one, but multiple segments of the industry, we naturally make sure to tailor both legal and consulting services for each clients’ specific needs, taking into account the markets they operate in, intend to operate in, the specific activities in question, ownership aspects, plans for the future and more. We recommend all prospective gaming clients to contact us for a free, non-binding consultation in order to discuss their specific circumstances in order to recommend a course of action that fits them best.