Inheritance disputes


Any person that has created a will has of course put down in writing how they intend to dispose of their assets once they are gone, but unfortunately, inheritance disputes and will disputes are still fairly common. Due to this, there is a quite high demand in most countries for legal services related to interpreting wills, different laws on inheritance, contesting wills as well as administrating estates, and Israel is of course no exception.

Porat Group has lawyers with significant experience in family and inheritance law, and is therefore able to help and represent anyone who believes they have reasons to contest a will or is facing other types of family disputes over inheritance.

Knowledgeable about both Israeli inheritance law (the inheritance law in Israel has significant differences compared to inheritance laws in many other countries) and various international inheritance laws, the lawyers at our law firm are both able to help you understand if you have a claim and/or grounds for contesting a will, negotiate with the other parties and heirs and, if needed, with litigation.

Some reasons heirs turn to us in order to get assistance with interpreting or contesting a will are:

  • Allegations of undue influence by another party
  • Lack of mental capacity of the testator of the will
  • Abuse of power of attorney
  • Fraud
  • Executor misconduct

But there may be various other reasons to attempt or to contest a will on top of these common reasons.

We take pride in relentlessly pursuing the rights of our clients, while taking into account the delicate situation the family is often in at the same time, as well as being able to take on both complex and complicated cases related to inheritance law. While these cases are often highly emotionally charged, a professional and experienced bystander such as one of our lawyers is often able to bring some common sense and a more practical approach to the case, leading to it being resolved in an effective and efficient way, instead of being prolonged endlessly due to litigation. Our main goal is always to try to do everything possible in order to avoid an inheritance dispute in the first place, and only after we are sure that this is not possible, do we research alternative courses of action.

If you have questions regarding our services related to inheritance disputes and/or are in the middle of a troubling inheritance dispute, contact our law firm today, in order to book a free consultation with one of our lawyers regarding your rights and what you can do in order to pursue them.