Intellectual property litigation


Porat Group is proud to be headquartered in one of the most innovative areas in the world, in “the startup nation” of Israel, and Tel Aviv, where many innovations have been developed and where successful companies and pioneers in tech continue to be founded to this day. Being lucky enough to count many truly innovative companies and startups among our clients, we take protecting innovations and new products seriously, with all that entails.

One of the most important components when it comes to protection of intellectual rights is intellectual property litigation, as it enables the IP right holder to take on anyone infringing on those rights, whether they be related to copyrights, trade secrets,trademarks or something else, allowing the rightful owner to focus on their core business and exploring new ground instead.

Stakes are often high when it comes to intellectual property litigation and many clients prefer to work with us proactively in order to spot potential issues early on and build an action plan to avoid them, or alternatively focus on alternative dispute solutions in order to avoid going to court, but even if litigation is a necessity, Porat Group’s clients are sure to be in good hands.

How Porat Group can help those in need of intellectual property litigation

Porat Group’s lawyers handle complex intellectual property litigation cases, including cases that involve several parties, both in Israel and abroad. Our experienced lawyers have practical experience in many issues related to intellectual property litigation, such as:

    • Enforcement of IP rights;
    • Patents;
    • Copyrights;
    • Trademarks;
    • Commercial wrongs;
    • Designs;
    • Domain name disputes;
    • Trade secrets and trade secret licensing;
    • Intellectual Property Due Diligence;
    • Database scraping;
    • Domain name issues;
    • Merchandising;
    • Franchising;
    • Advertising disputes;
    • Unfair competition issues;
    • Anti-counterfeiting issues.

Additionally, our lawyers have experience and insight in many of the most cutting-edge technologies and industries, including several niche industries, such as:

making Porat Group a suitable option even for those who have previously had issues finding a suitable IP litigation lawyer to assist them.

Since our lawyers also handle various other commercial issues related to intellectual property, besides intellectual property litigation, such as drafting the needed contracts and agreements for protecting IP rights, they have a deep understanding of the importance of IP rights in the information age we live in, as well as how crucial they often can be for a client and their brand identity.

Our clients whose intellectual property matters we handle vary from Internet based companies and start-ups to large, multinational companies and others, so no matter what your IP rights are related to, our lawyers are likely to have an understanding for them and the business you operate in.

Despite their previous experience, our lawyers do take the time to invest both time and resources into each individual case and work closely with the client, in order to achieve the best and most beneficial results and reduce costs for lengthy proceedings.

Please contact us today for a thorough analysis of your particular situation. We offer free consultations for all potential new clients in order to understand their needs better and explain in detail what we believe we can do for them.