Investing in eCommerce


Porat Group’s eCommerce department offers various investment opportunities:

  • Buying an existing profitable eCommerce business;
  • Developing an eCommerce Yielding property;
  • Investing in an active eCommerce business.

eCommerce has boomed in numbers during the last ten years with a steady growth each year. The Covid – 19 era has implemented online shopping and provided users with an understanding of the value of the eCommerce ecosystem. Lockdowns have created a forced use of online shopping using super delivery services, the internet, and computers.
The time to invest in eCommerce is today!

We invite you to examine Porat Group’s three investments options:

1. You are buying an eCommerce business

Exactly like when buying a brick and mortar business for investment, purchasing an operative eCommerce business will provide you with vital proven factors for your ROI, but there is one significant difference – the ability to grow with no limitations.
An eCommerce global business has not a limitation of customers, the online community using internet marketing can drive a wide variety of customers and control the growth of your business; this is what we are best at; analyzing the company, constructing the strategy for your business to evolve and grow with the help of a clear business plan.
In an eCommerce investment – not only do you have a potential of a fast return return on your investment, but there is no limitation on how much your business can grow, or to how you drive sales from other segments or channels under the branded name of your business.

Our eCommerce department will provide you with a range of services in order to secure your investment:

  • Deep investigation of the business and financial reports;
  • Clear presentation of the company, past performances, economic status, and future forecast;
  • Our recommended sale price & structure of the deal;
  • A clear understanding of all the account assets, including sales channel/s, inventory client database, reviews, and much more;
  • Constructing a future forecast for the online business based on trends, finance, client base, history, and growth plans for the future;
  • Complete legal services, purchasing contracts, letter of intent, escrow service, transfer ownership, and more;
  • Professional Management strategy for your team to future profitably manage the sale channel;
  • When needed: Full management services (at an additional monthly cost) by our professional eCommerce team to fluently continue operating your sales channel/s under the new ownership.

Contact us today to review our online assets portfolio.

2. You are developing an eCommerce business together with us.

Developing an online business using our services will provide you with a long-term investment opportunity. Our team will conduct a preliminary meeting to better understand the type of vision you as an eCommerce investor have for your business.

The development phase
We then start the development phase; we will research, analyze, and construct a professional development of your sales channel/s. In a 2 -3 month period, you will privately own several active global sales channels.

Product manufacturing phase
We will then start the product manufacturing phase of your business and develop your private label branded products. Ending the product development phase, we will deliver your mass-produced products to several logistic storages worldwide.

Management and marketing phase
Our team specializes in internet marketing & channel management. Using social media and search engines, you will be able to drive potential clients to your store; under your investment plan, we will assign a dedicated team to manage the marketing aspects of your sales channel/s. Upon your investment, you will own an active online business with complete management services and dynamic marketing campaigns to drive customers.

3. You need management services of a bought or developed sales channel

Did you buy or develop a sales channel already? (Using our services or on your own) We can help by providing you with professional management services for your assets.

We will assign an account manager in order to stay in touch with you and offer you monthly and quarterly reports on your account status, financial, marketing aspect, development and more.

Our team of eCommerce specialists is able to provide you with the most professional management services in the industry.

Contact our eCommerce Department today.