Investment Funds


For all those in, or looking to get in to the wide array of possibilities of the investment funds industry, the lawyers at Porat Group are experienced in assisting with, as well as advice on all legal matters related to this industry. We are a leading law firm when it comes to funds, with a variety of clients.

Some of the services we provide for investment funds are:

  • Fund structuring: Personalized recommendations and practical help with structuring the fund according to the client’s business, needs and specific activities.
  • Fund incorporation: Assistance with incorporating funds worldwide; in offshore countries, the EU, Asia, Oceania and North America.
  • International banking services: Managing and overseeing the opening of bank accounts worldwide for funds looking to open a bank account abroad. Customized recommendations for banks that suit your business.
  • Legal advice and litigation for processes with governmental authorities: Such as the FCA in the UK, AMF in France, Cysec in Cyprus, Consob in Italy, SEC in the USA, BaFin in Germany and others.
  • Assistance with commercial agreements and contracts: All contracts and legal documents that may be relevant to fund formation and fund activities, such as offering memorandum, broker agreements, administration agreements, management agreements, depositary / custodian agreements and any other agreement which might be required for your business interactions.
  • Labor Law Advice and guidance on Employee Related issues.
  • Legal opinions for funds’ activities.


What does Porat Group do differently?

Due to Porat Group’s connections and remarkable network, based on long and fruitful relationships with various players in the industry, we can often help clients get results faster, with better terms and even help them accomplish things they would not have been able to do by themselves.

We are proud of the fact that we are seen as a leading law firm for not only legal services for funds, but for all matters related to the fund industry. So for all matters, big and small, you are welcome to contact us for a non-binding, free consultation in order to see if we may offer you the same professional assistance that we are already providing many others in the industry.

All our rates for legal services for funds are highly competitive and you always get a quote beforehand, since we do not believe in any hidden or additional fees.