Banking And Payments

Some business owners think that setting up and managing an international business is challenging enough, however those in the know understand that setting up the proper financial infrastructure around the business can be just as challenging.

Most banks only work with local businesses and are not suited for those who need a bank account in a country where they do not necessarily reside permanently, and there are also many banks which do not open accounts for certain types of businesses.

On top of this, there are so many different banks to choose from worldwide, that, even if they are willing to help you, finding which bank is best suited for your business bank account can be a complex and overwhelming process. This is where Porat Group’s international banking and payments consulting services come in.

International Banking

We can help you by:

  • Providing personalized recommendations for banks that suit you and your business.
  • Introducing you to banks that will accept your type of business for their corporate accounts, and, when applicable, to their clients’ funds and custodial accounts.
  • Preparing all documentation necessary to open the accounts.
  • Verifying documents that need to be signed by a lawyer.
  • Monitoring the entire opening process.
  • Introducing you to the services provided by the bank (online banking, credit cards and more).

We have been helping companies of all sizes with these type of international banking issues, and as a result, we have an unmatched network of banks that we know and trust today. We can also give you recommendations regarding which services the bank should provide you (besides a business banking account) so you are able to efficiently manage your account from any place in the world (we only work with banks that provide Internet banking on top of your online business bank account, as well as international credit cards and so on).

Since we do not believe that all clients are best suited for the same banks, we will also advise you on which banks are best suited to your specific needs. Therefore, we will consider your particular circumstances and demands, before providing you several alternatives to choose from.

We have established relationships with banks based in many different jurisdictions (all politically and financially stable) so that our clients have ample alternatives to choose from. Several banks in our network work with no other firms similar to the Porat Group, however, if you are pursuing a more traditional route, we also work with several of the most known banks in the world.



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