Labor Law

Porat Group's legal team provides both one time and on-going legal advice and services on a wide range of employment-related issues for both Israeli and international companies, with a special orientation to our client's business fields.

Due to our understanding of the realities of doing business in a highly competitive international market and the operation of workplace relations systems, we are able to work with our clients to ensure they achieve optimal results while taking into account both their business needs and legal realities. Our employment advice is practical, thorough, swift and effective.

Porat Group’s employment lawyers advise clients in a variety of practice areas including, but not limited to:

  • Educational institutions
  • Hi-tech
  • Media
  • Healthcare
  • Telecommunications
  • Transport
  • Energy
  • High-tech
  • Start-up
  • Finance
  • Industrial
  • Employee committees

Our legal team provides innovative legal solutions to business’ challenges in the dynamic field of labor law. We can advise and assist our clients with, among other things:

  • The labor and employment implications of complex M&A transactions;
  • Draft employment agreements and human resources policies (including multinational corporate benefit plans such as stock option plans and bonus and commission plans);
  • Advice on employment compensation and benefit issues including non-competition, confidentiality and trademarks covenants, termination and separation agreements
  • Other issues concerning employment law and intellectual property.

We provide representation in all types of labor/employment disputes, negotiations, arbitration and litigation including before the local labor authorities and all labor tribunals in complex disputes.
The personal attention and prompt responsiveness provided by our team has been and will remain the bread-and-butter of our practice.

Immigration and Foreign Expert Relocation

Our legal team offers legal advice and guidance through the complex process of relocating foreign experts to Israel or abroad.

Our team will guide you through every step of the  process up unto and including the issuance of permits fully compliant with the provisions of the law so that you won’t face violations, fines or any other economic exposure. Our team is experienced working with the governmental authorities related to the immigration process.

After you receive the permits, our team will continue to advise you on other labor issues related to the foreign employees including permits extensions, employment agreements, social benefits and more.



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