Gitai Zakh

Partner - Head of Operations, Blockchain Consultancy Department

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Adv. Gitai Zakh is a seasoned blockchain business development and operations professional, drawing upon his extensive working knowledge and understanding of emerging decentralized technologies honed over the last decade.

Before joining Porat Group, Gitai served on the founding team of Wave (2015), an early enterprise blockchain use case aimed at digitizing international trade. As Vice President of Operations, Gitai was responsible for formulating strategies to address the business and legal considerations of digitizing global trade activities via blockchain technology. This involved working hand in hand with shipping carriers, financial institutions, freight forwarders, importers, exporters, and both local and international regulators to realize the benefits of digitization.

In addition to his positions in the private sector, Gitai was the co-founder of the Bitcoin Embassy in Tel Aviv and has actively cultivated the Israeli blockchain community through his role as a board member of the Israeli Bitcoin Association (IBA).