Payment processing and clearing


Payment processors or payment service provides (PSP’s) can enable many types of businesses, from e-commerce companies to gaming sites and financial brokers, just to name a few, to receive payments in various forms from their users and clients in a more convenient way. Setting up a vast range of payment methods for your online based business can be very challenging, especially if you are in a so called high risk business, but a cooperation with a payment processor will streamline the process significantly.

Modern payment processors are impressively fast and safe and easy to work with, but establishing a cooperation with a payment processor as a small business is not always as easy.

Introductory services to payment processors

Online based companies of all kinds can therefore benefit from the introductory services to some of the leading payment processing companies in the world that Porat Group offers. Coming though us, companies can often negotiate better terms and conditions and get access to payment processors that would otherwise be unavailable to them.

Becoming a payment processor

Additionally, our law firm has experience in setting up and regulating payment processing operations, for companies that wish to become payment processors themselves. We can assist with everything from company incorporation for these purposes, obtaining all licenses and permits needed, contracts, employment issues, and more.

We are upfront regarding all the costs involved in both becoming a payment processor and cooperating with one and offer free consultations for clients interested in both options.