Property damages


The litigation lawyers at Porat Group assist our clients with recovering compensation in property damage claims related to a range of different areas, such as real estate properties (including construction and rentals), product liability, fraud, consumer fraud, slander, electrical and technical failures, insurance claims and many other areas.

On top of pursuing damages and claims for our clients, and sometimes their companies, we also provide representation for individuals and companies who have lawsuits related to property damages filed against them.
Our property damages attorneys can also assist with providing qualified expert witnesses in order to

explain the case and damages in question, as well as with identifying potential defendants and plaintiffs. Although our law firm mostly represents large companies, corporations, buildings and high net worth individuals for large scale property damage litigation cases, we do take small cases as well.

In order to reach the best possible outcome for the client in cases of property damage litigation, we recommend involving us from the very beginning, as our lawyers can then assist with all the aspects needed for a successful case, from early investigations, evaluations, protection of the assets, preserving evidence and more. However, our lawyers do accept clients whose property damages claims have already escalated, including to prosecution.

Porat Group offers a free initial consultation to every prospective client, which is why we recommend you to contact us online or over the phone in order to discuss your claim and the risks and possibilities involved in your particular case with one of our experienced lawyers in order to get started and help you decide whether or not Porat Group could be the right law firm for you.