Real Estate Transactions


Since real estate is a very substantial investment in most cases, it is advisable to have a legal professional assist with any real estate transactions you take part in, especially since real estate transactions have become increasingly complex in the last years, both in Israel, where Porat Group is based, and abroad.

Porat Group offers a range of legal services related to real estate transactions, both in relations to residential and commercial properties.

Our legal services related to real estate transactions

Our services include:

  • Contract preparation, including tailor made contracts for specific properties, buyers, sellers and transactions.
  • Reviewing existing contracts for errors, conflicts of interests and other significant flaws.
  • Additions and revisions of existing contracts.
  • Drafting and reviewing partnership and joint venture agreements related to real estate transactions and ownership.
  • Matters related to property development of projects that are not built yet.
  • Representation and consultation in real estate disputes, including disputes among multiple parties, and conflict resolution in various manners, such as arbitration, mediation and litigation.
  • Consultation regarding laws related to land ownership, property ownership, taxes and related matters.
  • Consultation regarding property boundaries.
  • Due diligence on parties involved in a specific transaction.
  • Legal analysis of existing ownership, properties and regulations regarding them.

Why choose Porat Group for your real estate transactions?

All our lawyers dealing with real estate transactions are experienced, qualified and frequently handle these types of transactions, both for individuals and businesses of various sizes, in our native Israel as well as abroad. They are devoted to protecting our clients’ best interests at every step of the way and due to their experience they have a deep understanding for the complexities and problems that often arise in connection to real estate transactions, and can therefore use a pro-active approach in order to help avoid additional costs and procedures later on.

If you contact Porat Group and ask for a complimentary consultation with regards to the real estate transactions you are involved in, one of our lawyers will discuss the transaction in question with you in order to understand what services you might be requiring, and then provide you with a comprehensive analysis of your needs, as well as a quote for the services involved before we start. This gives you an opportunity to have all the information you need available before making any decisions on how to proceed.