Why you should consider incorporating your company in Bulgaria


In recent years, foreign investors and business owners have become increasingly drawn to Bulgaria, an Eastern European Balkan country, where the economy has been steadily growing in the last 5 or so years. As a result, it is also one of the most popular options for company incorporation in the area right now.

Some of the most important reasons for Bulgaria’s popularity for company incorporation

  • Bulgaria is a member of the European Union, one of the most important and influential economic forces in the world.
  • Unlike some other attractive jurisdictions for company incorporation, including some in Europe, Bulgaria is not considered an offshore jurisdiction, but a mainland European country (which, in fact, it is). Banks, payment providers and other service providers who may restrict companies based in offshore jurisdictions in some ways, will therefore not do the same to a Bulgarian company. This is for some the main advantage of this jurisdiction, and even for those who don’t agree on that, it is generally one of the top reasons to choose Bulgaria for company incorporation.
  • The corporate tax rate is an extremely attractive 10 %, among the lowest in the European Union.
  • Bulgarian companies have access to good banking infrastructure.
  • The workforce is skilled and inexpensive, especially compared to Western European workforces.
  • Easy access to other European countries for those active in more than one European country.
  • Extremely low, symbolical minimum share capital required (around 1 euro).
  • Double taxation treaties with a large number of countries.
  • The local regulator is experienced with financial companies and therefore can be an attractive jurisdiction for licensing various financial activities.

Requirements for incorporating a company in Bulgaria

Some of the main requirements in order to be able to incorporate a company in Bulgaria are:

  • Copies of IDs for all shareholders/directors (passports or national ID cards);
  • 3 or more suggestions for a company name;
  • Information about who the manager of the company will be;
  • Information about the company’s capital sole proprietor;
  • Payment of the foundation capital;
  • Information about the scope of the company activity;
  • All the necessary incorporation documents, such as Power of Attorney, Memorandum of Association and Declarations.

How can Porat Group help if you are interested in incorporating a company in Bulgaria?

The Porat Group team is experienced with company incorporation all over the world, including in Bulgaria, where we have previous experience. Therefore, we are well suited to help our clients choose the most suitable company type, depending on your needs and specific circumstances, as well as to prepare all necessary documents and represent our clients during the entire registration procedure.

For clients in need of bank accounts, other payment solutions, services such as nominee directors, virtual offices, accountants and so on, we also offer high quality individual advice and introductory services to trusted and reliable partners offering all this in Bulgaria.
This is true even in cases where the client is active in fields that sometimes are restricted by banks and payment providers, such as gaming clients or cryptocurrency/blockchain clients.

Does this sound right for you and your project or company?

If the above sounds interesting to you, contact us now to get the company incorporation process started.
We always provide our clients with a free and non-binding consultation and quote for the process before starting any work.

If you decide to work with us for your Bulgaria company incorporation we offer fair fees, guarantee no hidden fees and only work with the highest level reputable partners.